The most popular document format. DocDesigner creates a doc that is based on CRM & Task data.

Simple TMP Edidor

DocDesigner uses comfortable WYSIWYG editor with adaptable context menu.

Business Process & Drive

DocDesigner creates a document via Business Process is run and puts it to Drive.

DocDesigner's Amazing Features

It's easy. Just try.

CRM & Task Support

DocDesigner creates a document based on CRM entity or Task.

No more printer & scanner

Just one click to send signed document by e-mail without printing and scanning.


DocDesigner creates a document in PDF or / and DOCX.

App Main Features

Flexible numeration.

Unlimited types of doc's numeration with different parameters.

Spelling Localization

Add your native language for date & sum spelling support.

Business Process Support

DocDesigner creates a document while a Business Process is run.

DocSesigner Feature
DocSesigner Feature

Why DocDesigner?

The DocDesigner is a dynamically developing tool. We listen to users' requests and try to realize all that they need.

Just evaluate how helpful this product can be for your business.

Every time you meet a difficulty you can just contact us. We will try to help you with a speed of light.

  • Reliable and secure platform
  • We're following Bitrix24 step-by step.
  • Everything is perfectly organized for future development.

What is DocDesigner?

Here is a tool that will help you to construct a structured documentation system in Bitrix24. Just a few steps to easy document creation.

Advantages of using DocDesigner
unlimited number of templates can be constructed for different types of documents;
PDF/DOCX documents are created on CRM/Tasks data basis;
documents can be numerated automatically and saved

DocDesigner Feature
DocDesigner Feature

Demo with video

This is a small video about main DocDesigner's features.

This video shows main features of DocDesigner for Bitrix24:

  • create a template
  • get different formats
  • e-mail sending

DocDesigner's Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of DocDesigner.

DocDesigner's Plans & Pricing

Pay as you go plans.
PayPal only.

Get Your DocDesigner Now

If you are is registered user of Bitrix24 you may install DocDesigner in your Bitrix24.
If you are a new user of Bitrix24 you might register your own Bitrix24 with preinstalled DocDesigner.

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